Portrait Information

detail-artworkWorking from your photograph, Becky creates highly detailed and realistic art portraits, using soft pastels in the traditional method.

As an animal lover herself, Becky realizes how important it is not only to capture the physical characteristics, but also the unique personality of each subject. Becky considers pastels the perfect medium to bring out the lifelike quality in her portraits.

The Process

Contact Becky through the online order form to inquire about the portrait process and prices.

Once you have submitted an acceptable photograph for the portrait, Becky will schedule your commissioned artwork. As Becky works on your portrait, updates will be posted on the Artwork Blog so you can see the work in progress.


Photo Tips

In order to create the best possible portrait, please consider the following recommendations for the photograph you submit for your portrait.

  • Outdoor photos in soft light or photos taken near a window with plenty of natural light are usually best. Flash photos often produce red eye and harsh, unflattering shadows.
  • Experiment with taking photos on your pet’s level, rather than shooting down at them.
  • Try to capture your pet’s personality – characteristic expressions or behavior.
  • The quality of your portrait depends upon the quality of your photographs. Do not submit blurry photos or photos where the subject is so small that details are not visible.